• Jul 22, 2014
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Flooring Feature: Cool Down with Tile

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Summer is the hottest time of the year. Cool down with tile this summer. From trend-setting to traditional, tile has every color, style, shape and size you could ever ask for. The possibilities are endless! Discover the many reasons tile could work in your home. To shop our tile collection visit our tile catalog.

Endlessly Unique

When it comes to flooring, tile offers endless options and opportunities to express your unique vision. Choose stone, ceramic or porcelain, and arrange it in nearly infinite patterns and color combinations that will make your floors extremely unique.

Tile Blog Size

1.Concrete Connection Field Tile, by Bel Terra – Housing Type  2. Union Square Field Tile by Bel Terra 3.Continental Slate Floor Field Tile, by Bel Terra – Housing Type 4. Terra Antica Field Tile, by Bel Terra – Housing Type

Style Flexibility

No matter what your architectural style, there’s a tile flooring solution to bring your vision to life. And tile is not merely a trendy choice, either. It’s been an admired flooring for years and will continue to be a great way to bring lasting beauty and value to your home. Whether you have a traditional, contemporary, country or modern home, there is a color and style of tile that will flawlessly match it. Not to mention, tile can be used as a kitchen back splash or bathroom wall.


Spill and Stain Resistant

A long-time favorite in bathrooms, tile is just as suitable in kitchens for its ability to resist spills. Just a simple wipe from a cloth and your stains will be gone. Unlike carpet, it's hard to ruin tile and nearly impossible to stain. A perfect choice for entryways, pet-friendly and kid-friendly homes, tile will truly withstand the test of time.



For more tile inspiration, visit our pinterest board.

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